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Affordable Housing Policy, Haryana 2013, Approved by Government on 6th Aug. 2013

On PPP Model (Public Private Partnership)


What is Affordable Housing ?

Group housing projects licensed by Govt. of Haryana in “Pre-Defined Sizes”, “Pre-Defined Rates” and in targeted “Time Frame Completion Period”.


What is the purpose/need of Affordable Housing ?

To maintain the socioeconomics Government encourage the Affordable Housing. In NCR region’s Haryana, especially in Gurgaon Affordable Real Estate rates are from Rs. 50 Lakhs to Rs. 60 Lakhs aprox for 2BHK. Haryana Govt. took initiative to provide benefit to Middle Class and Lower Middle Class segment so they can also have their Dream Home.


What are the terms for Affordable Housing ?

·         License granted for Affordable Housing cannot be converted into normal Group Housing.

·         Allotment is provided by only Draw and Booking is on First Come First Serve basis.

·         Completion time for these projects is 4 years from the date of approval of Building Plans and Environment Clearance Certificate whichever is later.

·         Sizes are Pre-Defined by Govt. are Carpet Area as 28 SQM (300 SqFt) to 60 SQM (645 SqFt)Balcony Area as 2.3 SQM (25 SqFt) to 9.2 SQM (100 SqFt).

·         Minimum area for projects is 5 Acres and maximum area is 10 Acres.


Why these projects are in Affordable Rates ?

Government took the initiative to give the benefit to Middle Class and Lower Middle Class families so these projects are in affordable rates. But there are so many factors which makes it affordable.

·         Builder purchase land on normal rates but get Benefit on below things:

o   License Fees and Land Conversation Fees is Waived Off.

o   Internal Development Charges (IDC) is Waived Off.

o   External Development Charges (EDC) is on Plot Rates not on Square Feets.

o   If completion of project within 42 Months then last installment of EDC will be Waived Off.

o   5% of Flats are reserved for Builder for his Friends & Relatives.

·         Increased FAR provided by Government for these projects up to 20%. Approved FAR is 225.

·         Increased Density provided by Government for these projects as minimum is 850 PPA and maximum is 900 PPA. Ratio set by Government is 5 Person per Flat.

·         Builder can utilize 4% of the area as Commercial as per his desire Rates. Approved FAR for commercial is 175.


What are the Benefits of Affordable Housing ?

·         All projects are Maintenance Free for 5 Years after possession. Builder will take care for the maintenance of the project.

·         Rates are Pre-Defined by Government for these projects as below:

o   Potential Towns of Haryana               :           Rs. 4000 per Square Feet

o   Low Potential Towns of Haryana       :           Rs. 3600 per Square Feet

o   Other Towns of Haryana                    :           Rs. 3000 per Square Feet

·         All rates are on Carpet Area. Client saves up to 30% to 35% on these projects.

·         Free Parking for Scooter which is half of the size of car parking.

·         There are No Other Charges in these projects except GST.

·         Balcony will be on reasonable rates of Rs. 500 per Square Feet. But not more than 100 Square Feet.


Which kinds of Facilities are available in Affordable Housing?

·         Scooter Parking is mandatory.

·         Community Hall of the size of 2000 Square Feets is mandatory.

·         Crèche/Anganwadi of the size of 2000 Square Feets is mandatory.

·         Huge open area as Parks or Gardens.

·         Open Car Parking for Visitors.

·         Builder can provide more facilities also but not mandatory.

What is the Booking and Allotment System for Affordable Housing ?

·         Purchase an Application Form from Company, Banks or Channel Partners.

·         Fill the form and submit it with 5% of Flat Price as DD, PO or Cheque at Company or Channel Partner’s office.

·         As per Policy 95% of the total number of Flats will be allotted by Lucky Draw and 5% of the total number of Flats will be Reserved for Builders for their Friends & Relatives.

·         After examination/scrutiny of Forms, Projects and other important facts, Senior Town Planner (HUDA) will fix the date of draw.

·         Draw will happen in the presence of Huda Officials, Deputy Commissioner or Representative and Builder’s Representative in Public.


What is the Payment Plan for Affordable Housing ?

Allotment is basis on Lucky Draw as per Policy payment plan is as below:

·         5%                                     at the time of Booking

·         20%                       at the time of Allotment (within 15 days)

·         75%                       within 3 years as Half Yearly Installments of 12.5% each

Plus GST.


What is Confirm Booking in Affordable Housing ?

As per Policy Builder have the right to Reserve or Give 5% of the total number of Flats to his Friends or Relatives. Builder allot these Flats to the people who are Interested for the project and booking of flats. Benefits of confirm bookings are as below:

o   Rates are much Less than other General Projects near about. Differences in rates are from 40% to 60% on Super Area and if calculated on Carpet Area it can be much more.

o   Builder get 5 to 10 times more applications for bookings and allotment is on Lucky Draw publically so it Assure allotment of Flat.


What are the Terms for Builder for Affordable Housing set by Government ?

·         Builder will give Possession within 4 Years.

·         All License must be Approved before allotment.

·         Builder cannot sell Flats directly to public.

·         All allotments will be by Lucky Draw only in public.

·         Builder will provide Maintenance for 5 Years after possession.

·         Builder will deposit Security to HUDA as below:

o   In Potential Towns 15% of total Amount of Project.

o   In Other Towns 10% of total Amount of Project.

·         After the possession Builder will get 90% of Security Deposit refund as per Occupancy Certificate issued by Govt. floor wise.

·         10% of the Security Deposit will be deposited to the HUDA for next 5 Years as Maintenance Security.


What are the Terms for Applicant for Affordable Housing set by Government ?

·         One person can Apply only for One Flat.

·         Can apply in more than one Affordable Housing but in case get allotted in more than one, have to Surrender other flats.

·         As per Policy if Applicant have property in the name of Self, Spouse or unmarried Children in Haryana then they must have to mention it in forms. In Lucky Draw they will get second preference.

·         Cannot Sale Flat before 1 Year from the date of Possession. Not even on GPA.


Is Loan available on Affordable Housing by Banks ?

Yes All Leading Nationalize Banks provide loan on all Affordable Housing Projects up to 90%.


What are the Terms for Applicant for Cancellation set by Government ?

Surrender Charges are Rs. 25000 + Applicable Tax

Cancellation Charges are as below:

  • Surrender On the Spot After Allotment: Zero Cancellation Charges
  • Surrender within 1 Year of Allotment: 1% of the Flat Cost + Applicable Tax
  • Surrender within 2 Year of Allotment: 3% of the Flat Cost + Applicable Tax
  • Surrender after 2 Year of Allotment: 5% of the Flat Cost + Applicable Tax

Applicable both Surrender + Cancellation Charges as per norms.


What are the Formalities and Documents to Submit with Application in Affordable Housing ?

1.      Purchase & Fill the Application Form

2.      One latest Photograph

3.      Pan Card Copy

4.      Adhar Card Copy

5.      DD, PO or Cheque of 5% booking Amount


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